Research Experience

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Doctoral Research (08/2015-12/2018):


  • Developing, implementing, and managing multiple projects, concurrently
  • Diverse parasite identification, dissection, and preservation
  • Microdissection and identification of wide diversity of aquatic invertebrates
  • Mesocosm set up and development
  • Student supervision (Undergraduate and Master’s students)
  • Statistical analysis using various programs including R, JMP, and SAS©
  • Isopod colony development
  • Mesocosm design and development
  • Assisting and evaluating students (undergraduate and Masters)
  • Manuscript development and publication
  • Reviewing manuscripts for various journals (e.g., Journal of Animal Ecology)
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Masters Research (09/2010-05/2013):

  • Field seasons in the Canadian Arctic (Churchill, MB and Wapusk National Park (northeast Manitoba)), totalling over 17 weeks
  • Necropsy of several species (including fox (Vulpes vulpes and Vulpes lagopus), wolves (Canis lupus), coyote (Canis latrans), various birds (Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) Merganser species (Mergus spp.), etc.), wolverine (Gulo gulo), Rat (Rattus norvegicus), Collared Lemming (Dicrostonyx richardsoni), Southern Red Backed Vole (Myodes gapperi), snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus))
  • Identification and preservation of parasites (including microscopy, staining, mounting, etc.)
  • Diet reconstruction of fox and wolves using stable isotopes (δ13C and δ15N using muscle and hair tissues), stomach and fecal analysis (hair, bone, feather, egg, vegetation identification)
  • Various body condition indices (e.g. Kidney-Fat index, Body Subcutaneous Fat)
  • Immunity Assessment (spleen analysis)
  • Visiting and evaluating fox dens to produce fox abundance estimates and reproductive success
  • Small mammal trapping (live trapping using both transect (set up and maintenance) and trapping grids and snap-trapping using transects (design, set up, and maintenance))
  • Proficient use of ATV, Snowmobile, GPS, Satellite phone, Basecamp (c) and other mapping programs, Sherman live traps and snap-traps, navigating in the field
  • Stable-isotope analysis in SIAR and other statistical analysis in R
  • Possession and Acquisition Firearms Licence (Issued by Government of Canada)

Additional research experience (09/2010-12/2012):

  • Whale stomach analysis, including otolith collection
  • Beluga blubber and skin preparation (for stable isotopes and hormone extraction)
  • Hormone extraction from beluga blubber
  • Invertebrate identification
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Honours (undergraduate) Research (05/2009-04/2010):

  • Zooplankton community analysis
  • Identification different zooplankton groups and genera of cladocerans of subsamples from multiple lakes located in the Whiteshell and Nopiming Provincial Parks.
  • Analysis of community diversity and composition took place in comparison with relative cottage density upon each individual lake.
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