Teaching Experience

Sessional Instructor, Biological Diversity and Sustainability, University of Manitoba



Demonstrator, Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology, University of Otago


     Assisting small student groups with group project development, lab work, and analysis


Co-advisor of Honours Student, University of Manitoba



Oak Hammock Marsh Nature Interpreter, Oak Hammock Marsh
Giving wetland presentations to public visitors (including marsh walks, canoe adventures, slide presentations, interpretive centre tours, migration talks, etc.), delivering various wetland education programs to school groups (K-12), Animal Care, Office Assistance as requested


Guest Lecturer for Upward Bound, Avila University
Giving lectures in Adventure Science (Day in the Life of a Scientist), Biology (Scientific Method), and Chemistry (Stable Isotopes)


Teaching Assistant, Boreal Ecology, University of Manitoba, Supervisor: Dr. J. Roth
Evaluating reading reports (critical review of relevant peer reviewed paper)


Guest Presenter, Special Presentation on Methods in Mammalogy in Biology of Mammals, University of Manitoba
12/2011; 11/2012
Overview on different research methods in mammalogy, including measuring small mammal abundance, necropsy, and fox den monitoring


Guest Lab Instructor, Mammal dentition and dental formula in Biology of Mammals, University of Manitoba
Overview on mammalian dentition, including different types of teeth and the dental formula


Teaching Assistant, Introductory Parasitology, University of Manitoba, Supervisor: Dr. L. Graham
01/2011-04/2011; 01/2012-04/2012
Setting up for labs, Answering questions on laboratory material (diversity, anatomy, life history of multiple parasitic phyla), assisting with necropsy of frog, birds, and rats, composing and setting up laboratory exam questions, marking laboratory exams


Teaching Assistant, The Invertebrates, University of Manitoba, Supervisors: Dr. J Stacey
09/2010-12/2010; 09/2011-12/2011
Answering questions on laboratory material (general anatomy, physiology, and life history of multiple invertebrate phyla), leading lab reviews at the end of each laboratory, composing and setting up laboratory exam questions and marking laboratory exams


Invigilator, English Language Centre, University of Manitoba, Supervisor: R. Iwabuchi
Supervising and answering questions of international students writing an English language placement exam


Teaching Assistant, Biology 1: Principles and ThemesUniversity of Manitoba, Supervisor: M. Shaw
Leading first year biology laboratories, answering questions, leading reviews, and invigilating the midterm examination


Wetland Interpreter, Wetland Center of Excellence Programme, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Supervisor: Dr. R. Wishart, R. Adamson
Leading groups of Grade 4 students in an introduction to wetlands, their importance and function in the environment which included the use of demonstration games. Lead students on a nature walk and to a wetland for critter dipping. Responsible for coarse identification of organisms and major wetland fauna.

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